Prince Po Pretty Black Full Album Download @ Rapidshare

Download Prince Po Pretty Black Full Album @ Rapidshare here


1. Intro
2. Prettyblack
3. Mecheti Lightspeed
4. Ask Me feat. 2Mex (of The Visionaires)
5. Right 2 Know feat. Chas West (Tribe Of Gypsies)
6. Holla (L. Boogie's Theme) feat. Presto (GBG), C.J.
7. Feel It 4 U
8. Breaknight
9. Family
10. Purple Kush Ritual feat. China Black
11. Creep On It
12. Interlude
13. U Right Hear (J. Dilla Tribute) feat. Concise Kilgore
14. The City Sleeps

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Urban Umpires said...

A little known fact is that Prince Po founded Nasty Habits Entertainment and is a member of the exclusive hip hop organization Urban Umpires.