Equipment used for making underground hip hop beats (RJD2, RZA, Madlib, Dj Vadim, Dj Krush, etc)

Famous underground hip-hop beatmakers talk on the equipment they use. Here are the quotes:
RJD2: I use an MPC 2000XL and two 1200 turntables. That's all you need. That's what I used to make Deadringer on. I'm not computer literate. So I don't fuck with ProTools or anything.

RZA: As far as the equipment, when I'm scoring I basically use a lot of different keyboards because I'm looking for certain sounds, certain vibes, certain things and some of these sounds you may not hear in Hip-Hop. For this particular score I used mostly a keyboard called Korg Triton and used some older material, MV8000, which I use for Hip-Hop, as well, but I use it in a different capacity for the scoring. And not only am I using Pro Tools but I use Logic and other programs, as well. One machine may not have the right vibe for the scene and then you gotta try another machine or try a different sound that may not be available on SoundLink.


Madlib, J Dilla, Clouddead: The Roland Boss Dr.Sample SP-303

9th Wonder, Little Brother: The programs we use are Cool Edit Pro and FL Studio. Those are the two programs that we use, and that's what we did the whole album on.

Dj Krush: To create tracks I used to exploit the AKAI S-1000, Roland MC-50 and SP-1200 as my main equipment, but I can now say that Ableton Live has completely taken over. At times, I sample once with the SP-1200 and then resample with Live.

MF Doom: I did all the of album (Operation Doomsday) on the Roland VS 1681 as far as recording and MPC2000 studio plus. Did all the tricks on those two bad boys.

Dj Vadim: In terms of equipment, its all done on a Mac G4 Cubase VST 5 with loads of compressors, eq's, valve stuff, MPC 3000, SP1200, AKAI 3000xl. Loads of keyboards like Clav, Rhodes, Wurly, Mini Moog, Nord lead, Oberheim DBX, Hammond b3, guitar pedals and Kaos pads.

Danger Mouse: However, Danger Mouse will say that a couple of his favorite keyboards of the moment are a Korg MS-2000 and a Roland Saturn 09. “Money Mark [who plays on Dangerdoom] has been getting me more into a lot of stuff keyboardwise,” he says. As for software, DM has used Digidesign Pro Tools and Apple Logic in other people's studios, but he prefers Sony Acid Pro at home. “I used to use old samplers and a lot of old drum machines and samplers, and then I made a switch years back,” DM says. “I basically use that program now in the same way I used those.” Although DM buys a new PC every year, it's not to increase his processing power. “I use very basic PCs,” he says. “I don't have any special soundcards or anything. The reason I get a new one every year is because there always winds up being some fucked-up virus or some kind of crash, or something ends up broken on it, so I wind up getting a new one all the time.”


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