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Aesop Rock "Appleseed EP" (Megaupload)

Aesop Rock "Music For Earthworms EP" (Megaupload)

Aesop Rock "Float" (Megaupload)

Aesop Rock "Labor Days" (Megaupload)

Aesop Rock "Bazooka Tooth" (Megaupload)

Aesop Rock "Fast Cars, Danger, Fire And Knives EP" (Megaupload)

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banerock said...

aesop is one of the dopest mc's of our time...

banerock said...

labor days goes a pic on yahoo... so i guess that line is down...

Dsyne56 said...

Yeah, Atmosphere is a dope rap(emo) group but if
you go to my blog then you can watch eyedea and slug spit the illest freestyling on the morning show.
The good shit.