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In 1994 DJ Shadow released 'Endtroducing', the album many people said invented 'Trip-Hop' (they were, of course, wrong). In the UK at least he was quickly elevated to god-like status, with anorak-clad collectors searching out every remix and B-side available. Cunningly he decided to wait over seven years to release his next album, by which time anticipation levels were through the roof, only to be (partially) dashed by an album that many obsessives felt strayed too far from the blueprint laid down by his debut (they were, of course, wrong). So surely Jesus H. Christ himself only knows what they made of '3 Freaks', the first single from the new album which found its way on to Bay Area radio and the internet some time last year, it being a high energy keyboard-based hip hop track with little sign of the influence of artists like David Axelrod that helped shape his earlier work.

So it is with trepidation and much interest that I find myself the recipient of a last minute invitation to check out DJ Shadow's new LP a few months before its scheduled release date at a small early evening soiree in London's Soho House. Amazingly the man himself has showed up, and proceeds to answer questions from the crowd. The journalistic standard is set high from the first question - "Where's your favourite place to sample a hand clap from?" Seriously, someone asked this. Personally I would have shot the fucker, but Shadow is obviously on some mellow Californian shit so he actually answered the question. This scintillating discussion mercifully didn't last long and we quickly got a chance to hear the new album in its entirety. It was free drinks at the bar, so in order to protect my journalistic integrity I drunk as many Coronas as possible. If I get invited to enough of these events I could probably halve my weekly alcohol budget. Unfortunately they don't respond too well to takeaway requests at these places but I'm working on it.


Some dude waffles on for about a minute over some ambient sounds. Sets the scene for something dark and oppressive...


... which this track really isn't. Reminiscent of 'I Changed My Mind' by Quannum. A nice enough summer song.

3 FREAKS featuring Keak Da Sneak & Turf Talk

You may have already heard this. Turns out DJ Shadow has turned hyphy, abandoning his signature sampling sound for 808 drums and bleepy FX. A bit like if DJ Premier suddenly renounced his MPC and started co-producing with Lil' Jon. Fans of his previous work may well be feeling a little unsettled at this point.


A skit.

TURF DANCING featuring The Federation & Animaniaks

Slightly slower hyphy beats, with the same phased vocal effect as on '3 Freaks'. People who know Shadow only for 'Endtroducing' may well be checking to see if the store gave them the right CD.

KEEP EM CLOSE featuring Nump

3/4 hyphy. Into much darker territory on this track, with foreboding strings, police sirens, gunshots and screams piercing through the beat. Decent enough performance from Nump.

SEEIN THANGS featuring David Banner

Supposedly Shadow wanted Mystikal to also feature on this track, but he's done some very bad things and isn't going to see daylight any time soon. David Banner handles the track solo no problem, delivering the strongest hook of any track on the LP. The beat is a slowed down hyphy lick with ghostly wailing riding over distorted sine-wave bass. Kinda reminded me of Add N To X, but with rapping. Now there's a thought.


A little blues guitar for two or so minutes.


Best described as early Beastie Boys’ punk rock on crack. By the end of this track you may well feel like your head has been repeatedly beaten with a stick.

BACKSTAGE GIRL featuring Phonte Coleman

A bit like what The Roots attempted with 'The Seed', a relatively successful blend of blues-rock and rap. Phonte is really coming on as an emcee. Favourite quote? 'I gotta stop fucking with these hoes off of Myspace'. Word.


Not much happens on this one.

THE TIGER featuring Sergio Pizzorno & Christopher Karloff

People who bought this album for the E40 and Keak Da Sneak tracks will be scratching their heads at this point. Not a million miles away from the UNKLE project he produced with James Lavelle. Features two dudes from the English rock group Kasabian.

ERASE YOU featuring Chris James

Chris James sounds just like the dude out of Coldplay. You will need to be quite stoned to enjoy this.

WHAT HAVE I DONE featuring Christina Carter

I imagine the title was inspired by DJ Shadow's first thought on completing this track. Not even copious amounts of marijuana will help you here, unless of course you like meditation tapes with semi-mystic bullshit about 'healing spirits' and 'hundreds of butterflies'. In which case you should probably sit yourself down and have a 'by-myself meeting'.

YOU MADE IT featuring Chris James

More Coldplay-ness.

ENUFF featuring Q-Tip & Lateef The Truth Speaker

This track isn't a million miles away from T.I.'s 'Why You Wanna?', but with an exceptionally annoying chorus that threatens to totally derail the entire exercise. Fortunately the track just about pulls through, in no small part down to Q-Tip who is right back on form as of late.

DATS MY PART featuring E-40

An enjoyable enough hyphy-by-numbers track, but hardly inspiring considering this is from the man who wrote 'Midnight In A Perfect World'.


I really can't see your typical DJ Shadow fan going crazy to the hyphy beats on this album, but hey prove me wrong. Meanwhile those dudes who are planning on buying the album 'cause it's got E40 and David Banner on it should probably wait for the promised Bay Area EP, which will round-up all the hyphy essentials in one complete package (nh). Personally I quite liked parts of it, but felt it completely lacked cohesion. Lurking inside 'The Outsider' are three pretty good EPs struggling to get out. Selective downloading shall be the order of the day.



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