Paris Hilton was targeted by Banksy

Controversial artist Banksy has targeted Paris Hilton with his latest stunt.

The Bristol born artist, famous for his distinctive graffiti artwork, tampered with 500 copies of Hilton's debut album in 48 record stores across the UK.

Banksy replaced the official CD with his own remixes, giving the tracks titles such as Why am I Famous?, What Have I Done? and What Am I For?.

The CD artwork was also doctored to show Hilton 'topless' on the album sleeve and with a dog's head in other images.

The tampered CDs still retained the original barcode and were purchased by unwitting customers.

Obviously considered artwork by some, the altered CDs have now appeared on eBay.

One auction, by seller 'thiethooitbeg', hit £298 before the listing was cancelled by the auction site because it "contravened eBay regulations". The relisted item is currently selling for £97.

Another listing by 'loveishell2005' with a starting price of £200 is currently selling for £205.

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