Battle Axe Records News: Swollen Members - 'Black Magic' 2006 + Full Album MP3 Download @ Rapidshare

1. Intro -
2. Blackout -
3. Swamp Water feat. Phil The Agony, Planet Asia, DJ Revolution
4. Pressure -
5. Press Forward -
6. Grind feat. Moka Only -
7. Torture feat. Casual, DJ Revolution -
8. So Deadly feat. Evidence -
9. Weight feat. Ghostface Killah, Alchemist
10. Prisoner Of Doom -
11. Heart -
12. Too Hot feat. Babu
13. Dark Clouds feat. Evidence -
14. Ritual -
15. Massacre -
16. Go To Sleep feat. Barbie Hatch -
17. Sinister feat. Jacken -
18. Dynamite feat. Mr. Vegas -
19. Put Me On feat. Everlast, Moka Only -
20. Black Magic feat. DJ Swamp
21. Brothers

Swollen Members 'Black Magic' 2006 Full Album MP3 Download @ Rapidshare here

Over two years in the making, Black Magic sees Swollen Members returning to the dark signature sound they have become synonymous with since first busting out to become the best-selling hip hop group in Canadian history. Black Magic is a melting pot of introspective lyrics, bookworm intellectualism, aggressive beats and party-rocking jams, and features collaborations with Ghostface Killah (Wu-Tang Clan), Everlast, Dilated Peoples, Mr. Vegas, Hieroglyphics, The Alchemist, Mix Master Mike, Planet Asia, Phil Da Agony, and more, plus production by The Alchemist, Evidence, Kemo, Rob The Viking, & Squeak E. Clean (Yeah, Yeah Yeahs).

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